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Investment: 0 - £4,999

Category: Professional Services

Value Doors UK is the largest UPVC door fitting network in the UK and continues to go from strength to strength as a brand and an extremely profitable business with a proven franchise model.


We are looking for dedicated professionals.


A one-to-one, week long training course at our head o¥å€ce in
Leeds, West Yorkshire will give you all the training you need to be able to do the job swiftly and e¥å€ciently. You’ll benefit from working with Value Door fitters on real jobs who’ll take you
through the whole process, from removal of the old door and fitting the new one. Our sales team will help you to take advantage of the commercial opportunities in your area andadvise you on your marketing strategy.


We don’t just give you tools and training and send you on your way.
Help and guidance, whenever you might need it, is just a phone
call away. What’s more we continue to invest heavily in online and
traditional marketing which you will directly benefit from.
Our website is one of the highest ranked sites on the Google
search engine for various search terms and we also continue to
develop and refine the website in general.
Our product range continues to grow as we look to target
customers a¥åóected by the credit crunch by o¥åóering a door for
every pocket with our extra value doors.
Finally, we are currently looking to expand into di¥åóerent markets,
apart from the residential, by negotiating deals with commercial
properties and businesses which are proving successful.

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We are proud donors to Britains biggest Cancer Charity Organisation.
A charity that leads a cause nationwide and has personally touched many lives. Aside from our own company support we donate to many local causes supported by our marketing partners.