The Alternative Board

Investment: 0 - £4,999

Category: Business Consulting

TAB franchise owners run an interesting and rewarding business which gives them control over when they work and when they play.

 In the early days of launching a TAB business you will be identifying potential Board members, speaking to them about their businesses and inviting them to join your business owner community. You will be running peer board meetings for your new members, holding one-to-one coaching sessions with them, and helping them use TAB’s unique and exclusive business tools.

We will be with you all the way

When you have reached the number of members you want to work with to give you the income you want, you will continue to deliver the service to your members. You will prepare and facilitate monthly meetings. You will have a deep interaction with your members, developing relationships and building your business in the local community.  You will be discussing membership with potential new members – because not everyone you recruit will stay forever! And you might want to start building bigger or more sophisticated boards.

 You’ll also be expanding your knowledge and confidence by being with us at quarterly advanced training sessions.  You will have the opportunity to hone your skills by spending time with your franchise owner community at the monthly peer boards and bi-annual international conferences.



With a TAB business you work with your members to build the business you want. You will prepare and facilitate monthly peer board meetings. You will develop a deep interaction with your members through one-to-one meetings and development programmes. You’ll be busy building relationships and cementing your business in the local community. With TAB you never stop learning.


TAB is a tried and tested business model with proven results in an established market place.  Our professional development training programme ensures that you absorb and adopt our successful model quickly and that it sticks. Your initial training is intense, focused and fun (or so we’re told) and it gets you well prepared to launch your new TAB business. Your existing business skills and knowledge are key to running a successful TAB business. Our proven robust and effective methods ensure you start as a credible, confident and highly capable facilitator, business coach and mentor.

But of course that’s just the beginning – after your initial training, our quarterly training days, twice yearly conferences and regular webinars and specialist training sessions make sure the learning never stops.


You will never see our back, we will never walk away, we promise. From day one our team is here for you. During the launch of your TAB business we will be with you, in your territory. We will speak with you regularly – in the early days, probably every day.

You will know you can call us anytime, send an e-mail or text us and we guarantee we will respond. We will remind you when you forget where to find things, how to do things and why we do things.

We guarantee if you work hard and follow the process the rewards will come.  With your dedicated team of TAB experts we will make certain you know the process inside out.

… and if the going gets a little tough from time to time (we also guarantee that it will) we will listen.… we will help, we will try our very best to get you back on track, because  we want you to be as successful as much as you do, and we only work with the best.

Being part of a great team of like-minded individuals is just one of the benefits of franchising – the most powerful support our franchise owners get is from the TAB franchise owner community.  You will practice what you preach, meeting your fellow franchise owners every month to discuss the opportunities and challenges of running your TAB business.

Our technology is great, our process works but our people are what really make the difference.

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