Investment: £10,000 - £19,999

Category: Takeaway Food & Restaurant

Joining the SUBWAY® team gives you the great opportunity to own your own business, but not just any business, a proven business with a low investment, simple operations, flexible floor plans, national and local support, national and regional advertising, a two week training program, ongoing learning for our owners and their staff, store development assistance, design support; lease negotiations, construction guidance and much, much more.


This criteria applies to individuals interested in becoming a Development
Agent (not a franchisee).
• Must have at least 6 months of experience owning/operating or
managing a SUBWAY® Restaurant.
• Must be in full compliance in all stores currently owned.
• Must be current with royalty, FAF and rent payments in all stores
currently owned.
• Must speak the local language (or have a partner that does).
• Must be willing to move to the territory and live there full time.
• Must have passed franchisee training.
• All partners must meet all criteria before eligible to apply – especially
6 months experience and franchisee training.
• Recommendation from your current DA. 



SUBWAY® Cambridge has developed a comprehensive training programme for franchisees. Each franchisee candidate is required to attend an intensive two-week training course.

 In addition, the SUBWAY® System also runs the University of SUBWAY® – a well-established online training programme coordinated by the worldwide headquarters for the SUBWAY® franchise in Connecticut, USA. Offering over 700 online courses for store staff and managers, the University has delivered training for over 5.5 million participants.



One of the key reasons behind the success of the SUBWAY® brand is the solid support network and robust processes in operation.

 An in-depth support structure is operated through regional Developers who have specific experience in opening and developing SUBWAY® franchises and often own several outlets of their own.

 There are 20 regional Development offices in the UK and Ireland which assist and mentor all franchisees with site selection, leasing, design, construction, hands-on training, purchasing, operations, advertising, local store marketing and more.

 In addition, the head office for the SUBWAY® brand in the UK and Ireland is based in Cambridge, with a local team of support staff focused on operations, leasing, R&D, customer service, training and franchisee services.


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