Puppy Dog Hotel

Investment: £5,000 - £9,999

Category: Pet

We opened our Puppy Dog Hotel in 2008 because we recognised the growing demand from dog owners to have their pets placed in a ‘home environment’ as opposed to the traditional kennel method.

After all, while you are at work, away on an overnight stay or indeed on holiday wouldn’t you rather your dog was enjoying the same ‘home comforts’ that you provide.
Puppy Dog Hotel offers a ‘premium price’ service (as will you, as our franchisee). This price is justified (and more importantly accepted by our clients) due to the high quality of care and attention, that we give to their pets (our guests). Puppy Dog Hotel is not simply another ‘dog boarding’ business. Through our reputation we are recognised as ‘The quality dog boarding facility in the UK’.

We have been involved with dogs and puppies for well over twenty years, additionally we have as a family socialised and provided the first basic training and socialisation for puppies for a major UK Assistance Dogs for over twelve years.

It’s safe to say that as a family we love dogs and we love the fact that we have been able to transform what was a passion into a viable and rewarding business. We hope that you feel the same way.



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