Plug and Play

Investment: £20,000 - £49,999

Category: Computer

Since starting in 2008 as a single office operation in Guildford, Surrey, Plug and Play has gone from strength to strength despite the bleak economic conditions. With other industries seemingly succumbing to the effects of the recession, the web industry has remained buoyant with Plug and Play leading the way within the SME market.

After recording impressive turnover figures in it’s first two years, Managing Director Peter Richman felt he had the right mix of service offering and business processes to offer Plug and Play as a franchise opportunity to budding entrepreneurs who wanted the opportunity to grow their own business. In 2010, Plug and Play proudly awarded it’s first franchise to Max K Thompson and Rhys Little covering the Southampton territory.


Ideal franchisees are self-motivated, hard working and entrepreneurial. You need to have a hunger to create a better life for yourself, and ambition to really achieve that goal. You’ll also need to be persistent, since this is a serious career choice.

Not everyone is born to be a successful business owner, to be a leader. Only you can really decide for yourself if you have what it takes to be a success.


Depending on your level of skill it is likely that you will need between 4 – 8 days worth of training with Plug and Play to bring you up to speed. There is a whole range of topics that are covered including:
•Web technologies
•Business systems and process
•Operations manuals
•Standard operating procedures
•Quality control measures
•Sales and negotiations
•Pitches and presentation skills
•Running your business

Generally the training takes place in one of the major cities such as London, Birmingham or Manchester where you not only learn about Plug and Play, but also meet many of your new franchisee colleagues and friends.


One key area that most people who want to start their own businesses don’t know is ‘how to run a business’. It sounds boring, but do you know how to run a business?

The great thing about a franchise is that you’re part of a proven business model with training and mentoring included. Any problems and we’re only a phone call away; and because we actually run the exact same company, our advice is pretty darn relevant.

Hand holding

As part of your franchise you go through a ‘hand holding’ period. This involves helping you with sales, pitches, presentations as well as closing deals and delivering websites.

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