Plan-It Cards Ltd

Investment: £20,000 - £49,999

Category: Merchandising

Plan-it Cards distributes Greetings Cards to retailers through a network of home based UK greetings card franchisees and distributors. If you are interested in being ‘in business for yourself but not by yourself’ then look no further than Plan-it Cards.

Our business model has been established through a proven quality business system, concentration on good customer service and the innovation of bright new designs, suitable for all occasions.

Established in 2000 Plan-it Cards has further international distribution in Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Malta and Canada. We are associate members of the British Franchise Association to give you added ‘peace of mind’.

New Retailers are also welcome. Take advantage of our ' you only pay for what you sell' method of distribution. No initial outlay. Improve your profit.

Our product depth and quality is second to none. We provide a large, comprehensive range of everyday and seasonal products planned and tailored to the needs of our customers.


Our franchisees come from all walks of life with a variety of experiences which enrich the franchise network as a whole. They have become effective business partners who are prepared to learn and give their passion and enthusiasm to make their business successful.

Many of them have never run a business before.

 The beauty of ‘being in business for yourself but not by yourself’ is that you do not need any previous business experience. Full training and on-going support will be given.

 However there are several characteristics we look for in our franchisees:

Good communication skills. They can relate to independent like minded business people.
A good work ethic. Our franchisees build good initial contact and develop business relationships with their customers.
 Good business acumen. They understand what our customers want and will grow the customer's business on an on-going basis.
Open to new ideas. They are keen to propel their business forward.

An enjoyment of working with greetings cards. Your enthusiasm can often make the difference.



We understand how important training is to prospective franchisees. It is one of the most common questions asked by people enquiring about becoming Plan-it Cards franchise owners. Here is a brief outline of our training programme.

Phase 1

Our training starts with a meeting with the prospective franchisee.

We both have an interest in a successful franchise programme. There are no short cuts in recruiting the right franchisee for the business long term.

We cover what it means to be a Plan-it Cards franchisee, and the obligations of both parties – the franchisee and franchisor.

Phase 2

New franchisees attend a training seminar. Existing franchisees take an active part in these meetings through individual and practical workshops passing on the do’s and don’ts’ of the day to day workings, with some very useful short-cuts thrown in as well.

We concentrate on developing the important skills involved in managing your sales effort. Topics covered include merchandising, journey planning, opening shops and the on-going business development of your current customer base.

The mix of franchisees in attendance is very important. It reflects the different stages of development and experiences that a new franchisee will face over the next few years.

The practical value of this type of training has proved very effective. It prepares the new franchisee to run his business, with lots of new colleagues to call on for advice.

This know-how is encapsulated in the Plan-it Cards Operating Manual handed out on the training day.

Phase 3

This is carried out at your home. We focus on the practical back room elements of the business to ensure the service to the customer’s front end is of the highest level.

This includes setting up your office at home, laying out your picking line and stock ordering.

All the detailed administration required to run the business – the Plan-it Cards way – is comprehensively covered.

Phase 4

Our training is on-going. Aside from new starts whose immediate needs are more obvious we identify on-going Training requirements through our store visits, our monthly analysis of sales performances and our annual review process.



Throughout all of our training our aim is to support, advise and problem solve with the franchisees. It is essential to confirm the Plan-it Cards system is being maintained and merchandised monthly for the benefit of you and the network. The principal objective is to ensure your business is working for you and your customers.

And as you would expect with any progressive training programme we are constantly developing, refining and improving our training as the franchise grows and develops into a successful business.

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