Investment: £20,000 - £49,999

Category: Print and Sign

Imagine a business with every other business as your potential customer, and you have just imagined our business.  All businesses large or small, from a corner store to the large corporate businesses consume printed material on a daily basis.  With our state of the art technology, proven marketing programs and 27 regional support offices we have been able to take quality people from all walks of life and provide them with the opportunity to secure their financial future while providing a great quality of life.


The majority of Minuteman Press owners didn’t have a background in the industry. Our owners are business people, who are active within their local community and pride themselves on excellent quality and service. They have the knowledge and support of a proven franchise system to help businesses develop brand identity and grow.


The vast majority of Minuteman Press owners have had no prior background in the industry and most have never owned their own business before.  We have developed a 2 week comprehensive training program. We cover all aspects of the business marketing, management and pricing using our proprietary software management system. In 1978 Minuteman Press led the way with the development of our innovative pricing software, which has evolved into our unique proprietary management software. This software includes a cost information database including order history, shop work flow control and tracking invoice database, as well as AR tracking and sales force management reports. All these features make the running of your center smoother and more efficient. Once you leave our training school, our local representative will assist you and continue your training on site in your new location.



Our ongoing local support is the reason Minuteman Press has been ranked #1 time and time again by Entrepreneur Magazine. Our UK support staff is strategically located throughout the UK, ranging from Newbury, Berkshire to Glasgow, Scotland. They provide on-site marketing, business management, and tech support.  We also have regular local meetings and a worldwide convention with a large vendor show and various seminars where our owners are kept up to date on our industry trends. They also learn ways to improve their business no matter what their level of success.

If your looking for a service business with proven concepts, normal Monday thru Friday business hours and  one that will provide a great quality of life, then you owe it to yourself to research Minuteman Press. Please fill out the form below for more information.

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We are proud donors to Britains biggest Cancer Charity Organisation.
A charity that leads a cause nationwide and has personally touched many lives. Aside from our own company support we donate to many local causes supported by our marketing partners.