Greensleeves Lawn Care

Investment: 0 - £4,999

Category: Gardening

Greensleeves is a nationally recognised lawn treatment business and as the lawn care market is booming in the UK, it is not surprising that a number of competitors exist within our market. This does not present us with a problem as we are confident that our product and service is by far the best. We regularly win business from existing lawn treatment companies but very rarely lose any to them.


We recommend that you come and spend a day with us to get a greater understanding of our ethos and our business. We can then discuss how joining us could work for you.


To ensure you are fully prepared for all situations we provide you with 14 days comprehensive training carried out by the people who really know and are involved in Lawn Treatment on a daily basis. You will learn about all of our lawn care services and the different treatments available in addition to general business methods and dealing with customers. You will also be supplied with bespoke software for invoicing, business management, marketing, business development and turf science.


We will provide all the essential support required to assist your business including; insurance, purchasing, marketing and business planning.

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We are proud donors to Britains biggest Cancer Charity Organisation.
A charity that leads a cause nationwide and has personally touched many lives. Aside from our own company support we donate to many local causes supported by our marketing partners.