Banana Moon Day Nursery

Investment: £50,000 - £99,999

Category: Children

Banana Moon Day Nursery was started in 2006 as a result of the difficulties encountered by one of our directors when trying to place his own children in what he considered to be a really good quality day nursery. It soon became clear that the standards he required could not be met by any of the childcare businesses he visited, as a result of which the decision was taken to open his own nursery.


 In order for franchisees to replicate that success it is imperative that the quality standards are maintained and that the current business model, including all of its operating systems are adhered to in their entirety. It is for this reason that franchises will only be awarded to candidates who demonstrate a commitment to maintain and uphold these standards. It is by doing so that Banana Moon Day Nursery can be sure that the franchisees will enjoy similar levels of success, ensuring that the financial and lifestyle aspirations of each franchise can be met and exceeded and that the brand continues to grow throughout the UK and beyond.


As a franchisee you will receive all the training, support and guidance necessary to get your business up and running quickly and painlessly reducing the risks normally associated with business start ups as you will be following our own proven system.


Our support team includes experienced Nursery Managers as well as in-house specialist Business Advisors to ensure that all aspects of your nursery are developed and managed correctly.

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We are proud donors to Britains biggest Cancer Charity Organisation.
A charity that leads a cause nationwide and has personally touched many lives. Aside from our own company support we donate to many local causes supported by our marketing partners.