Franchising Key Facts

Franchising, buying a license to run a pre-prepared business from someone else, covers a very wide range of business types and sizes. From relatively local franchised offerings all the way up to multinationals.

Here are a few figures from the British Franchise Association’s recent survey done in tandem with NatWest.

Number of people employed in franchising: 621,000
Number of franchisee outlets: 44,200
Number of franchised businesses employing 10 or more staff: Over 33%
Number of franchisor brands in the UK: 901
Annual turnover of the industry: £15.1bn
Number of franchised businesses which have a turnover in excess of £250,000: Over 50%
Percentage of franchise units profitable (including new businesses): 97%

To put those figures into perspective, 20 years ago the franchise industry had a turnover of £5bn, 379 brands were operating across 18,300 outlets. That’s pretty incredible growth for twenty years.

Further details from the British Franchising Association

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